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Narahari Mataji Kicked out of the temple
after 27 years of dedicated service

Open Letter About the German Farm
- the plight of devotees in Germany -

Dear Vaishnavas,

I have been asked to write an open letter regarding the recent treatment of two long time servants of Lord Narasimhadeva in Germany (Simhachalam - formerly: Nava Jiyada Nrsimha Ksetra) by the local ISKCON authorities. These devotees feel like they have no other recourse but to appeal to the conscience of all ISKCON Vaishnavas, and they asked me to write this open letter on their behalf.

Narahari mataji was serving in that temple for 27 years, she was recently told by the local authorities (GBC for Germany) to leave Simhacalam and was forbidden to take shelter of any other temples in Germany. She can not even come for a darsan of Lord Nrsmhadeva, Whom she has served for so many years. The reasons for this decision are unclear to Narahari, as well as to other devotees who are helplessly watching this situation to unfold. Narahari mataji recently experienced some personal difficulties related to her failed marriage, and her behavior has not been entirely blameless. Still, after 27 years of dedicated service, one would expect to see some compassion and support from the local temple authorities, not a flat out rejection and removal from the temple. Recently, Narahari mataji's sister, Nandimukhi mataji (18 years service for Nrismha-deva), was also thrown out of the temple and banned from visiting other temples in Germany.

Several attempts to contact GBC representatives and influential devotees were made by various concerned devotees, all to no apparent avail. Not even a basic response to questions raised was received from ISKCON authorities.

Narahari mataji is a 56 years old Indian lady, divorced, in foreign land, and without any resources. She and her sister gave the best years of their life to serving Lord Narasimha in ISKCON, now they are both facing a very uncertain future. The only person who actually helps them is their brother who lives in England. Our hope is that this letter will inspire persons responsible for Narahari and Nandimukhi matajis removal from Simhacalam to reconsider their decision.

Our movement has lost so many valuable and dedicated devotees by the often callous decisions of ISKCON managers. Why should anyone sacrifice the best years of their life serving in ISKCON if at any moment they can be thrown out of the temple for some trivial reason, or on a whim of a local leader? How often have we seen these things to happen in our temples? Much too often.

We ask devotees reading this letter to please pray to Lord Narasimhadeva to protect His dedicated servants. Ultimately He is the real authority and His wrath is terrible. We are all just His servants.

In service to Vaishnavas
Kula-pavana dasa

Feb 9, PRABHUPADA VILLAGE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA (SUN) — Additional information on devotees mistreated in Germany.

It may not be clear from my previous article that recently Narahari mataji's sister, Nandimukhi mataji (18 years service for Nrsmhadeva), was also thrown out of the temple and banned from visiting other temples in Germany. Their brother recently wrote:

    "...I'm also very disturbed and very upset the way my sisters are being treated by the Managers of the farm. If this is not resolved as soon as possible in a proper manner and my sisters not allowed to resume their services to Lord Narasinhma, then I'll be left with no choice but to let the two most powerful International Gujarati newspapers - The Gujarat Samachar and the Garvi Gujarat expose the demons and dictators who bring a very bad name to ISCKON. This will definitely rock the core foundation of ISCKON and bring about unrest and disappointment to millions of Hindus throughout the world. And of course undermine the good work done by founder member of ISKCON, His Holiness Sri Sri Srila Prabhupad.

    I hope and pray to Lord Shree Krishna that he gives the wisdom and some sense to those who are bent on ruining the good name of ISCKON. You may include some or all of my contents of this e-mail in your letter. I'm monitoring this very carefully and will take the necessary action, but will consult you of course before taking any action. Thank you.

    In Krishna's Service
    Councillor Rashmikant Joshi

Comments: I never thought ISKCON had corruption this bad within,and it is a real shame that they exploit their members like this. makes one reluctant to even want to purchase a book from them knowing it is just funding this type of hope that these devotees are able to find some relief elsewhere outside of iskcon. om nama ugra-narasimha dev

[PADA: There seems to be a pattern of removing older devotees from ISKCON, just when they are at about retirement age. We thinks this is merely a plot to save the big leaders from the expense of maintaining these devotees, since money is more required to take care of guys like: Satsvarupa, Umapati, Mukunda, Jayadvaita etc. This is called demoniac society, when the elders are mis-treated. thanks pd]

Another Voice in the Simhacalam Debate

Mar 4, AUSTRIA (SUN) —
At first I want to say that I'm a little bit afraid to let you know my opinion but at the same time I feel obligated to make you aware of this, at the risk that people will be annoyed with me and not take me seriously. However, after 16 years of Krsna consciousness I permit myself to this to say: I am outraged and horrified about the treatment of Narahari dd and her sister because I'm not seeing charity, understanding and humanity. I ask myself: where the Krsna consciousness has gone?

What are these kind of people, especially Devotees, which simply offend an older mataji who was loyal for 27 years and has done good service? May one not become old in ISKCON, be weak or be ill? If I look at this situation, I do not think that the people will show readiness for donating their time and energy in the future, and will they still dare to come to the farm?

It does not concern me personally, but this situation releases in us Viennese devotees a feeling of terror and lack of understanding. If one does not need an older mataji any more, she is simply disposed of like garbage. On top of that, the egoists with elbow technology win there always. The fact that Lord Krsna puts up with it I cannot understand, because He doesn't want to see His devotees suffering.

What still surprises me is the fact that certain authorities have placed the ISKCON temples in debt but are not called to account. Why do they still freely walk around, and now the innocent must pay the debts they created???? I cannot imagine that this is all Karma and Lord Sri Krsna deals with it. In this case it's easier to say that this is the will of Krsna than to admit: "I am greedy, silly and calculating, and everything belongs to me. I have got this, and now I can do with it what I want. And whether I run up debts or not, this is just Krsna's will and arrangement". This is a frivolous acceptance which uses the Devotees constantly: it's Krsna's will.

Now I use the opportunity to write about the guilt of ISKCON. I have not yet seen that somebody in ISKCON gets upset about this situation and starts looking for the real culprits. However, instead, an older mataji is persecuted. How should one understand this? In the end I would like to suggest to some authorities who have no HEART EDUCATION the good examples in temples of Copenhagen, Barcelona and Wroclaw. There serve the authorities who help other devotees with love, humility and devotion, and because of this one can feel energy, joy and spirituality.

Hare Krsna Y.S. Nityarupa dd


Simhachalam in Germany & Narahari Mataji

Feb 14, GERMANY (SUN) — As many of you might be knowing, at Simhachalam in Germany recently two Indian Matajis, Narahari Mataji and Nandimukhi Mataji, who served their Lordships Shri Shri Prahlad Narsimha more than approx. 27 years and 18 years had to leave the temple on the order of German GBC Dinasharan Mataji and the temple presidents Vedantakrit das and his wife Arjunya Gopi dd.

So there are many points to be considered before we blame anyone who is right or wrong. Regarding this I had a phone conversation with Dinasharan Mataji. Following points are also to be noticed:

    1) First of all, ISKCON is a German incorporated Society and according to the articles of incorporation the board of management has to be elected every year. So for the term 2007 there were no elections held - the board of management was just done internally with GBC. In this case it is obvious that the present temple authorities are not accordingly elected as per rules of a society.

    2) The members were not invited for yearly meeting in 2007 to discuss about profit and loss statement and future plans.

    3) If no members were present in the meetings how can one say whether someone is ready to do service in the board of directors. As it may be said that one should be qualified to take the position in board of directors - but which qualification is required? The qualification to deal with devotees, to increase their attachment to the Lord so that the service which they will carry out will be done with tinge of love. According to Dinasharan Mataji, the present Temple President Vedantakrt das and his wife Arjunya Gopi dd. are not qualified and would rather like to have qualified devotees.

Regarding Narahari Mataji following is to be considered:

    1) Physical Violence: Regarding this, Narahari Mataji has never been physically violent to other devotees. The violence between husband and wife is a private matter which should not have been discussed in open here. If Narahari Mataji would have been violent, how could have she lived with devotees all these years and that also sometimes with more than 80 devotees. Please note that the present TP authorities Vedantakrt das and his wife Arjunya Gopi dd had been formerly TP authorities of ISKCON Munich. During that period the TP authorities had physical violence with one another Devotee Mataji. Please also note that they also gave up their positions as TP authorities in between the term period. They didn't even wait till the yearly elections would be held.

    2) Working together with TP authorities: Narahari Mataji has already worked with TP authorities since more than 27 years since she is living in the temple for 27 years. There were many different TP authorities and they didn't have any complaints about her.

    3) Visiting Temple Program: Narahari Mataji was in charge of the kitchen and was serving their lordships Prahlad Narsimha by cooking nice delicious preparations which were being offered since the beginning of the temple. So in the morning she was busy in the kitchen preparing for the offering - so how can she visit the temple programme?

    4) Visibly chant 16 rounds: Narahari Mataji chants 16 rounds (she has confirmed me that she chants regularly 16 rounds). So if is one is doing such a responsible service should she have than roamed around the temple having chanting beads in her hand. Everyone of us know that best effect of chanting is achieved if you sit and chant and the best is 16 rounds together. Roaming and chanting together maybe good for extra rounds or when the devotee likes to move little bit - like after prasadam but chanting while moving around is not recommended.

    5) 6 hours service: One has to look back and see when there were more than 80 devotees living in the temple how much time Narahari Mataji spent in the kitchen doing service. So now due to age if she has to do only 4 hrs - that is really nice. If every devotee does 6 hrs service then it must be very troublesome for TP Vedantakrt das to do 6 hrs service, because he is also having a Karmi Job. How does he manage to do 6 hrs service?

Narhari Mataji is and was always inspired to do service to Shri Prahlad Narsimha without politics and it is because of her attachment towards Prahlad Narsimha that she stayed there for 27 years. If she was to blame alone why were the TP authorities also not blamed - the experience of their being TP at ISKCON Munich and being violent or provocative are examples to be considered. Another question is how can one in a society of devotees just say a 56 year old mataji has to leave and search for her own while quite knowing that the husband has left her. This is not Vedic culture - do we just call other women mataji as formality? Shrila Prabhupad wanted that we look upon other women as mataji (mother) - so ISKCON abiding by Shrila Prabhupada's instructions and Shrila Prabhupada according to the Vedas, how can such decision be taken? Were the TP authorities not in knowledge about the Vedic culture and if TP authorities were ignorant, why did GBC allow this. Isn't it a shame if we blame others or karmis about their dealing with others? But luckily Narahari Mataji's brother following Vedic culture has helped her. So Mataji has dedicated her whole life for their Lordships. Please think over this - she is not expecting anything, neither has she claimed anything from ISKCON - the only thing that she wants is to have darshan of Shri Prahlad Narsimha whenever she wants.

Dinasarana dd

Upon further request from me, Dinasharan Mataji consulted with the TP authorities and said that she can have darshan only once a month for one hour when I visit the temple. I myself visit the temple often sometimes once, twice or even four times in a month and I don't stay there just for one hour, because whenever I visit I spend the whole day and more than one hour for singing Bhajans for Shri Shri Prahlad Narsimha.

Regarding freely visiting the temple will be decided later in the meeting. Where is it written in the shastras that we forbid such devotee from having darshan, and why are TP authorities who don't deal with other devotees in a friendly way or criticise devotees who belong to some country, and these countries are known for their preconceptions.

Nandimukhi Mataji was running a shop in the temple. She was earning from this shop and maintaining her daughter, and she was also paying rent for the shop and simultaneously also doing service in the temple. So now the TP authorities without consulting society members have told her to give up the shop - which she has done being forced by them. What will happen with the shop - who is going to manage - all these points are not being discussed with members? TP authorities should understand that they are acting on behalf of Shrila Prabhupada. As desired by Shrila Prabhupada, TP authorities should be trained by GBC how to deal with devotees - not everyone can deal with different devotees nicely.

Bhakta Daniel: Bhakta Daniel had personally told Akhila Prabhu that he has to go from the temple for short period as TP authorities were not approachable at that time. He also tried to contact the TP authority but Arjunya Gopi dd was not interested to get back the € 150,00, rather she prohibited him from coming to the temple. He is and was ready to pay.

I had also heard that such arguments like closing the temple of Narsimhadev were brought forward - but my question to all devotes and to GBC is whether you can think of closing the ISKCON Mayapur temple where Lord Prahlad Narsimha also reside? How can such offensive arguments be brought forward, not the least to be thought? Shastras don't suggest such things when there are unqualified TP authorities or devotees that you close the temple. It is our prime duty to solve out the problem together and any devotee or TP authorities ignoring this service towards the Lord acting cooperatively - it is a big offense.

Vamsivata Das: Recently Vamsivata das who was pujari at Simhachalam faced trouble from TP authorities and they even called police. So the police went back telling that when the pujari wasn't violent and therefore there was no reason to take him with them. Few days later he was kicked out of the temple. We never had Police at Simhachalam - but now due to lack of dealing from TP authorities with other devotees now we will get a bad image.

My humble request to all devotees, please kindly come forward to please Shri Shri Prahlad Narsimha by visiting and if desired give a little service. Maybe one of you might have the right qualification for TP as desired by GBC Dinasharan Mataji, or the present TP authorities by having association of more devotees will change in their dealings.

Dinasharan Mataji has personally requested me to see that devotees don’t get frustrated after this incident, but some points have to be cleared also from other side - so that devotees think properly after reading all true facts and decide how to come forward to help the temple. Otherwise just criticising will go on and there will be always one “Narahari Mataji “who will be pushed up in one corner with all blame leaving aside the faults of other devotees - in this case not yet legally elected TP authorities. If we devotees really want to improve and please Shrila Prabhupada then we have to judge through shastras, and therefore we have to come forward to help other devotees ( long termed devotees ) who are facing troubles from other devotees (not yet completely qualified TP authorities).

Kommentar von Anonymus:

Dinasarana dd

Dinasharana dd. Mataji, die neue GBC Chefin und Präsidentin, das höchste Oberhaupt für ganz Deutschland, schaut ziemlich hochnäsig von ihrer neu erworbenen Position.

Erst dient sie jahrelang dem Kirtanananda, einem Devoteemörder und pedophielen Kinderschänder, und ist auch noch stolz darauf, und dann wird sie (nach ihrer Flucht aus USA) die GBC Chefin von ganz Deutschland. -unglaublich - aber leider wahr.

Da fragt man sich ob die Devotees nur noch Kuhdung im Gehirn haben. Nach ihrer Vergangenheit zu urteilen, ist Dinasharana absolut nicht qualifiziert für diese Position. Aber man muss wohl nur genug den GBC's in den Arsch kriechen, um zu solch einer Position zu gelangen.

Schade nur, das Dinasarana dd die perverse Philosophie ihrer GBC Kollegen (und mörder gurus) predigt und nicht die Philosophie von Srila Prabhupada. Den hat sie wohl als tot abgeschrieben. Da sie immer nur die GBC's verehrt (und nicht Prabhupada) deshalb wird sie wohl auch nie einen Prabhupada Tempel eröffnen. Fragt man sich nur, wessen Schülerin sie ist?